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Samsung refrigerators ensures that the freshness of vegetables, fruits & stays optimally chilled by maintaining a constant temperature and humidity level & designs ensures that the cool air spreads widely in each section of the refrigerator and maintains optimum temperature for a longer period of time. SAMSUNG's refrigerator is differentiated on account of the unique benefits that it offers in terms of retaining the freshness and nutrition value of the fruits and vegetables being stored. Some of the other features of this refrigerator include Digital Display & Control, Water and Ice Dispenser, Automatic Icemaker and Spill proof tempered glass shelves.SAMSUNG's refrigerator models come with a Base Stand for convenience and better aesthetics, Special compressor that can withstand voltage fluctuation for stabiliser free operations, toughened glass shelves and a new stylish handle. Given the growing environmental consciousness amongst consumers and SAMSUNG's own initiative towards producing eco-friendly products, Samsung also have '5 Star rated' Frost-free and Direct Cool models.

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